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Wallpaper Removal and Installation                          Contact us for a free estimate: (304) 619-6959
Wallpaper Removal, Wallpaper Stripping is always a fun challenge. Some projects are more difficult than others. There are many factors which contribute to making the project easier or more difficult.  The age of the paper, number of layers, vinyl(non-porous) or paper wallcovering, type of wall covered, whether or not an oil-based primer was used(best case scenario, but unfortunately least likely), type and amount of wallpaper paste used, pre-pasted papers,etc... Anyway our attack on this nuisance project is pretty much the same for all projects.  We recommend DIF
wallpaper stripper(concentrated liquid, not the gel) with hot water and alot of elbow greese.  Its always nice to try to keep the exisiting walls in the best possible condition, thus eliminating additional wall repair(drywall work). Washing the walls continuously during removal is good practice to remove as much of the glue or paste as possible.
Upon completion of stripping all the wallpaper, backing paper and multiple layers, we recommend oil priming the walls before applying paint.  Wallpaper Installation just takes time, accurate measurements and patience.  To determine the number of double rolls you need, measure the square footage of each wall, add them together, divide by 50 and add 1. Always better to have a little more than not enough.

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